Value Added Services

Repackaging & Relabel

Distribution services tend to play an important role which reflect company’s efficiency and commitment. Due to cost-effectiveness, company nowadays will undergo bulk purchase and stock up their goods. This manual & hands-on activities require lot of space and intensive labour.
Hence, we provide labor and repackaging services, helping customers to better managing their stock and also to repackage + relabel their goods according to their distribution request.

Packaging Materials

Due to hygiene and restriction purposes, sensitive or high value cargo need to be delivered and packed in a safe and qualified method. Through Mesjadi, we provide affordable and well quality packaging material to assist our customer throughout their goods transportation. Packaging Materials such as:

  • 1. Plastic pallets for export
  • 2. Plastic pallets for automobile industry
  • 3. Plastic pallets for warehouse & food industry
  • 4. Paper pallets
  • 5. Honeycomb boxes
  • 6. Edge Board