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Warehousing and Distribution

Mesjadi Warehouse is well equipped, with complete facilities for any of your logistic services, warehousing and storage or packaging needs.

íP         Goods can be palletized and racked as required by the customers. Mesjadi are equipped with electronic safety alarms, including burglar alarms and sprinkler systems, providing customers peace of mind about the safety of their products.

íP         In the distributing of goods, Mesjadi Warehouse can also offer it's customers direct groupage services to and from all major population and industrial centers in Malaysia, with frequent departures and arrivals. Mesjadi skilled specialists are trained to coordinate every aspect of the customers shipping orders, beginning at its doorstep, right through the time of delivery to their customer. They are true logistics services experts.

íP         For stock control, Mesjadi disposes of a completely integrated computer program for the administration and control of warehousing and storage distribution services.

íP         Possible customs clearance and delivery documents can also be automatically produced.

íP         Stock updating is automatically and simultaneously effected (real time). Also at that time pick-lists, pack-lists, labels and letters or carriages are produced according to customer specifications.

íP         To maintain warehousing and storage inventory control and to inform customers accordingly, stock mutations-and-inventory reports can be made available. Bar-coding can be provided on request.

To ensure Total Customer Satisfaction, all Mesjadi employees adhere to our Quality Policy:

  • We will thoroughly understand the needs and requirements of all of our customers.
  • We will consistently provide services that meet or exceed our customers' needs and requirements.
  • We will continue to look for ways to improve everything we do.
  • We will "Do It Right the First Time" with a positive attitude.

"We are obviously proud about our broad logistics services capabilities, but we also realize that not every customer requires all we offer, so we tailor-make every order to the customer requirements. When others say it can't be done, Mesjadi Warehouse will find a way to do it."


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