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Mesjadi Logistics is a comprehensive service provider that can offer you a one-stop services solution. Trucking is one of the wide and varied range of value-added services we provide. A large fleet of trucks are available to accommodate your bookings.

Truck and container moves are monitored by computerized systems, and all truck drivers are equipped with mobile phones to ensure efficient communication and fast cargo-tracking, customers can be assured that their cargo will be delivered door to door safely, economically and on time.

Our trucking service covers:

  • Domestic Trucking

  • Cross-Boundary Trucking to Singapore

Advantages byengaging our trucking services :

  • Reliability, fast cargo tracking

  • Easy and fast communication

  • Safety & insurance coverage for your cargo

  • Easier coordination/ control for delivery to warehouse

  • Large fleet of trucks, adequate trucks standby

  • Hassle free considerations - our truck drivers are licenced for border crossings

  • Easy and fast communication

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