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Logistic is the process of strategically managing the procurement, movement and storage.

Mesjadi Logistics offers a full range of supply chain services that reduce costs and increase profitability. We integrate comprehensive services to meet your unique requirements.

Our services include:


Supply Chain Management

Design and management expertise increases flexibility and continuously improves supply chain performance.

Warehousing and Distribution

Warehousing and distribution as an integrated part of our logistic solutions, including receipt, put-away, storage, order pick, order pack, dispatch, stock management, and reporting. Effective and flexible warehousing and distribution solutions are improving inventory management, reduce operating costs and speed order cycle times.

Freight Management

We provide comprehensive forwarding services offering customers, a range of time-definite and flexible services tailored to meet customer individual needs.


Mesjadi offers a variety of transportation solutions to meet customer needs, with our commitment we will provide excellent services.

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